Nasz zespół

Igor Kurdin   Team Leader, solution architect

Engineer in telecommunications. More than 20 years of experience in data collection system development (industrial sector). Wireless Systems, Radio Frequency spectrum analysis for industrial, scientific and medical research

Built first 2 prototypes of beehives in winter, 2016 and tested during the summer 2016. Later, in winter, 2017 he constructed 4 models of beehives for Polish apiary (type «Wielkopolski»), and 2 new Langstroth solutions for Dadant hives and Langstroth-Root frames for Ukrainian apiary, and
4 different types of multi-level hives for
10, 15, 18 Dadant&Langstroth-Root frames. Patent owner UA 124319U.  In June, 2017 he built first Amo Hive for Canadian market

Igor Davydkov   Electronics Engineer

More than 15 years of experience in controllers design, SQL-programming, heavy industry weight systems, logistics industry systems (hardware and software)

Two years before he knew nothing about bees. Now he’s got own Amo Hive Apiary, 4 bee families:

– 3 Langstroth hives of American type

–  1 Langstroth hive of European type

Responsible for controller development for data collection and data transfer to server. Algorithms designer

Vladimir Rudeshko   Telecommunications engineer

Owner of successful Canadian business in education sphere.

Lives in Canada

Joined project in February 2017 as Canadian representative. Participated in building first Amo Hive prototype in 2017. Now owns 3 Amo Hives

Oleksii Aleksieiev  Programmer, system administrator

More than 20 years of Unix systems administration. Specializes in C/C++/Perl.  Programming experience in 3d-graphic software for aviation. Developer of AmoHive information system. (server-side and client Android application)
Great connoisseur of honey, produced by other members of our team

Oleg Klochko   Network architect

Specialization: computer networks and network security, WiFi, network routing. Experienced in managing Cisco equipment
Never being a beekeeper. Now he’s got 2 multi-level Amo Hives with 14 Dadant & Langstroth frames

Rafal Dyba   Electronic Engineer

Good at Assembler encoding, software and hardware developer of AmoHive controller
Another amateur beekeeper.  Since 2017 owns 4 Amo Hives of Polish type „Ul Wielkopolski”.
His beehive (AmoHive 9) reaches in June an absolute record: 20 kg of honey in 20 days