You are on our website, so you are interested in IT beekeeping. Our smart beehives are very precise and safe for bees!
Are you a scientist and you are looking for a bee hive which helps you to track your research? We can help you.
Our team is specializing in the production of smart beehives for scientific research. Our users are working in research facilities, universities etc. Our smart hives monitor bees‘ lives and the whole system is stable and easy to use (Plug and Play). The last one you control access to the data by your mob. phone.
During the several lockdowns because of coronavirus our smart hives worked excellently without failures!
The average honey yield documented in our database is 102 kg first year working and 92 kg second one.  Our colleague, the absolutely beginner beekeeper, was informed by our app about the state of bees in hives, this allowed him to react quickly and he received such excellent results. His personal record is 115 kg honey from the one hive.  We’re sure you can improve his success!
We are waiting for your inquiries. We can make the smart hive as precise as possible for your research!
If you require any further information about our smart hives, please feel free to reach out to us!
Orders for season 2022 please send to email: amohive.pl@gmail.com till 15 April 2022 year.
Basically, we are sending our beehives to EU countries, orders to countries out of EC are considered individually.
Have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
AmoHive Team