AmoHive in Canada

  • The three AmoHives were installed on the roof, the University de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. We hope that the data obtaining from the hives will help in the research of bees. At the same time, bees bring delicious and sweet honey every day. Bees can live in the city. Our beehive is a good solution for Urban Beekeeping as well.
  • History…

AmoHive in Canada was installed in Jun 2017 and equiped with Protorype N2 .

We took only 2 plates of Styrofoam….
And in some time…
…a little paint and glue…

And our first AmoHive in Canada is ready. Toronto. Jun 2017.

  • Prototype N 1 was launched in april 2016 in Ukraine.
  • Prototype N3 was launched in may 2017 in Poland.
Transfer Canadian AmoHive to Apiary Location

First Honey from AmoHive Prototype N2 (August 2017) : 

We tested AmoHive New Generations at our own backyard. February 2018

Strong Canadian Winter: Passed!
Professional Security Guard is aware…





Canadian Apiary AmoHive, may 2018
Start of a new Beekeeping Season in Canada with AmoHive, model 2018
Future Canadian Beekeeper! 🙂 with his Friend…