Apiary in Poland

  • October 2019. 

The first lessons were successful! The course is called: “Beekeeping and Information Technology for Children”, Warsaw, Poland.

  • June  2019.  Our hives are finding a new beekeepers!
  • A new model of AmoHive for the Polish market was made. The beehive was given to the experienced and well-known beekeeper of Silesian Region in Poland, Mr. Marian. The hive was testing for pollination of rapeseed/canola.With the permission of Mr. Marian, the datas of pollination and functioning of this hive can be seen in AmoApp on the smartphone. The nickname is “Marian Siedlec”.

    *The presence of pollinators, e.g. honey bees, on canola (cv. O.A.C Triton) increases the germinability of resulting seeds from 83% to 96%.


History of Canola in Canada. * “….A breakthrough comes when rapeseed samples from Poland are brought to the Saskatoon research branch by visiting scientist Dr. Jan Krzymanski….”

  • We have finished new film. AmoHive in Poland.

AmoHive in Poland. September.2018

  • Our apiary in Poland started in January 2017.

Equiped with AmoHive Prototype N3.

In May 2017 we bought 4 bee families:


It was four AmoHives with diferent solar angle – we wanted to make experiments to define the best power supply schedule.

AmoHive Prototype N3. Polish Model: “UL WIELKOPOLSKI”

Transportation of new colonies of bees.

in 2018 year we have modernised old AmoHive and designe a new AmoHive prototype, ready for mass production.

AmoHive N9, May, 2018. 20 kg of Honey / 20 days
Prototype 3/10 Can/Pl, May 2018