AmoHive in Poland

  • We opened the next new location in Poland, Masuria. This is a northern region of Poland with a colder and wetter climate, close to the Baltic Sea. There are many lakes, forests, a variety of wild flowers and well-developed agriculture. Our new location of IT apiary by AmoHive consist of own warm and comfortable hives only. In the forest, the quality of communication is always much worse than in industrial areas. We programmed and designed our hives in such a way that, despite poor communication quality, data packets are transmitted without loss. This required a little more solar energy, but there were enough sunny days and the electronics were working steadily. A lot of data was accumulated and new patterns of bee behavior in moderately humid and mild climates were obtained.
  • AmoHive Polish version Prototyp:
  • The first lessons were successful! The course is called: “Beekeeping and Information Technology for Children”, Warsaw, Poland.

Beekeeper with a smartphone is a future of beekeeping and a new profession.”

Our team will transfer knowledge in information technology and beekeeping to the children of Primary School N340 in Warsaw, Poland and their parents as well.

  • Our hive is testing a new beekeepers!
  • A new model of AmoHive for the Polish market was made. The beehive was given to the experienced and well-known beekeeper of Silesian Region in Poland, Mr. Marian. The hive was testing for pollination of rapeseed/canola.With the permission of Mr. Marian, the datas of pollination and functioning of this hive can be seen in AmoApp on the smartphone. The nickname is “Marian Siedlec”.*The presence of pollinators, e.g. honey bees, on canola (cv. O.A.C Triton) increases the germinability of resulting seeds from 83% to 96%.


History of Canola in Canada. * “….A breakthrough comes when rapeseed samples from Poland are brought to the Saskatoon research branch by visiting scientist Dr. Jan Krzymanski….”

  • We have finished new film. AmoHive in Poland.

AmoHive in Poland. September.2018

  • AmoHive in Poland started in January 2017.

Equiped with AmoHive Prototype N3.

In May 2017 we bought 4 bee families:


It was four AmoHive Prototypes with different solar angle – we wanted to make experiments to define the best power supply schedule.

AmoHive Prototype N3. Polish Model: “UL WIELKOPOLSKI”

Transportation of new colonies of bees.

in 2018 year we have modernized old AmoHive.

AmoHive N9, May, 2018. 20 kg of Honey / 20 days
Prototype 3/10