History of AmoHive

We are an international team of IT specialists, electronics engineers and business analysts. We have experience in developing complex software and hardware solutions designed to monitor production processes in various industries.

The general idea of our solution was formed in autumn 2015, and six months later, the first prototype of the new smart hive was ready.

We hope that our inventions will bring a new lease of life to beekeeping. We want to make beekeeping easier and more attractive to the younger generation. The mathematical model can easily be turned into an interesting and educational game or a simulator for the future profession. Professionals will find our product more suitable – a lightweight foam hive equipped with electronic devices for monitoring the activity of the bee family.

All information is transferring  from the AmoHives to the AmoCloud.

We believe that our activity will grow to a new kind of business in the world, based on synergy effect between novel IT products and services, innovations in energy-saving technologies, beekeeping and harmonious development of our society.