“Your privacy is not a game”

We collect your personal data so that you can benefit from our Services and we make it our duty to adhere to the rules of the game!

This privacy policy is designed to help you understand how your data is used, inform you of your rights and how to exercise your rights.

1. What is personal data?

Personal Data” (or “Data”), is all information that identifies you:

  • either directly, for example, your last name, first name, email address or telephone number;
  • or indirectly, for example your account ID, IP address, cookie identifier or game data.

For more information about the Data that Amohive collects, go to Section 3 “When does Ubisoft collect your Data and for what purpose?”.

2. When does Amohive collect your Personal Data and for what purpose?

We may collect your Data when you are using our Services. This may includes ID of your device and OS type.

We are collecting absolutely minimal private information needed to provide fraud protection and best service quality.

3. How does Amohive share your Personal Data?

We don’t share your Data with any third party and use it only internally.