Who we are?

We are an international team of IT specialists, engineers  of electronics and business analysts.  We are experienced in developing complex hardware and software solutions, designed for monitoring production processes in different areas. We developed controllers, cross-platform software, production accounting systems, we built analytical tools and constructed own algorithms to optimize production services.

None of us has previously been a beekeeper.

We were surprised by the fact that beekeeping industry remained beyond the latest IT achievements, despite the global challenges like bees extinction.

We started with simple RasberryPi applications for monitoring bee family activity. The general idea of our solution was formed in autumn 2015, and in six month our first prototype of novel beehive was ready. In these incomplete 3 years, beekeeping became our new hobby, and even our families, our children joined us. We believe that our hobby will grow to a new kind of business, based on synergy effect between novel IT products and services, innovations in energy-saving technologies, and harmonious development of our society.

We hope our inventions will bring a new breath to Beekeeping. We want to make beekeeping more simple and attractive for younger generation – kids with smart phones and high social networks activity. Professionals will find more suitable product – a lightweight foam beehive, equipped with electronic devices for monitoring bee family activity.

All information is transferring  from the AmoHives to the AmoCloud.


Also, we want to bring Big Data and Internet of Things solutions into beekeeping to make it more effective and productive, bring it onto next level.

AmoHive in Ukraine. Jun 2016


AmoHive in Poland. September 2018